Everyone has an opinion.
Here's mine. What's yours?

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Everyone has an opinion. Here's mine. What's yours?
Joomla Culture

I love Joomla but some of it’s culture needs to change. This is a huge topic so I’m only going to deal with Joomla versioning in this blog post. Before we get started you need to know that the following is my personal opinion only and does not reflect in any way an official view of the Joomla project or Open Source Matters. If you are clear on that then we are good to go…

Sometimes it seems that Joomla is immensely popular in spite of itself...

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When it comes to using hardware or software we are either early adopters or we jump in after a thing becomes popular for one reason or another. The Joomlasphere is made up of people who have been involved with Joomla! from the very beginning and those who jumped in along the way. Joomla! is at version 3 now. When did you get involved?

JoeJoomla started at Joomla! version 1.0. There was a huge community of Joomla! users that formed around this initial version. Many were from an open source project called Mambo which forked to become Joomla. JoeJoomla learned...

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Your Joomla! Business Dream

There are many ways to the top of a mountain but not everyone gets to plant their flag there. Failing to fulfill your business dream isn't necessarily because what you have to offer isn't wanted or needed. Failure is often the result of dream robbers.

Maybe your dream is to have your own business, or simply to work full time for a good company. You spend so much of your life working, why spend it being miserable or hating what you do? Why just dream about something better? Perhaps you have already been robbed of a dream. Wouldn't you like your dream to come true? Let's do something about it.

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Joomla Truisms

Joomla! Truisms are valuable things related Joomla! that I have found to be true. Some of these I learned from others along the way and a few I picked up from the school of hard knocks. Learning from experience is not aways pleasant especially when the thing you are trying to solve is urgent and evasive. I'm not certain how many of my hours were spent searching for the answers to some of these problems but it was significant.

These truisms are not widely known but they should be. Learn about them and they will keep you anchored and from drifting into problems later.

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